Understand The Background Of Valuation Now

That you need to note alarmed too much by that and you’ve got to look at even things that aren’t investment grade so let’s say you’re looking at food for example well there’s going Brisbane Property Valuers to be exceptions to the rule you know in general you know prices of food’s you know I would say generally more expensive in almost every case then it was say years ago now of course there are some exceptions to this but you get the general.

Gist of of what I’m saying here the other thing is that I guess you know you could argue that there are someplace that you could find value here and that maybe be along the lines of say gold or cash you know God’s really hardtop value because there’s no actual yield you know we spend all this money to digit out of the ground then we spend more money to pay someone to guard it and you know.

I think those are the words of above it but you know that that concept believe it’s very true i mean you know it doesn’t it doesn’t really have yield you know just sits there so i don’t know if it’s if it’s fair to really compare gold but right now you know gold is a lot below all-time highs we’re looking at you know but over , announce prices were over before and so prices are a bit cheaper but again like you are again speculating just purely on the value of it going on there’s no actual yield that you’re sitting.

on thatyouyou know receiving the other one is cashyou could say look you know with assetswhere they are where you should be ascash and that may be true catch howeveronly really works when other assets arefalling in value and all you’re able toyou know have the cash on stand by topick up assets that will eventually youknow appreciate in value so if we’re to look.

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